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Under the universal salt iodization program in India the sale of non-iodized salt for human consumption is banned. Why is it so important to eat iodized salt?

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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Hint: For normal thyroid function growth and development, iodine is very essential micronutrients are also helps in the development of the healthy brain in the fetus and young child. Its deficiency affects the health of a woman and overall economic productivity and quality of life.

Complete answer:
-The government of India banned the sale of non-iodized salt for human consumption on 27 May 2005 for public health measures and to combat iodine deficiency disorder which is the most important cause of brain damage.
-Recognizing iodine deficiency as a national public health problem, India was the first nation to ban non-iodized salt.
-For the synthesis of thyroid hormone iodine is very important. It plays a determining role in the early growth and development of many organs, especially the brain.
-Iodine deficiency leads to impaired development of the brain, which results in impaired mental function.
-The salt in which iodine is added is given the name iodized salt. Iodine is found in small quantities. Hence it is a trace mineral.
-Iodine is not made in our body naturally and is only found in foods. That is why iodine is added into the table salt so that it can provide a more concentrated dose of the mineral against iodine deficiencies like goiter.
-It also helps in boosting the performance of a thyroid gland so that it can produce a hormone that helps in tissue repair, regulate metabolism, and helps in promoting the growth and development of the brain.

Note: -A popular condiment that is used to enhance the taste of food is salt. It not only enhances the taste of the food but also provides the body with essential minerals in the form of sodium.
-Sodium is very useful in controlling the body fluid balance and it is very critical for nerve and muscle function.
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