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Tunicin is similar to
A. Cellulose
B. Chitin
C. Cuticle
D. Scleroprotein

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Hint: Tunicin is additionally called as animal cellulose is a substance present in the mantle, or tunic of the tunicates. The underlying cellulose is predominantly present in the shell of a few creatures like tunicates.

Complete answer:
Tunicin is likewise called animal cellulose. It is a substance present in the mantle, or tunic of the tunicates, which looks like or is indistinguishable with the cellulose of the plant kingdom. These are underlying cellulose which is for the most part present in the shell of a few creatures like tunicates.
Thus, the right answer is alternative A.
Urochordates have four fundamental attributes of microorganisms in the larval stage, however grown-up urochordates have neither a notochord nor a dorsal nerve rope. Tadpoles like larvae are tiny fish and have principal chordate attributes that help them discover a substrate for connection. The group of Ascidians is covered by cellulose like polysaccharides, an organ made of tunic or by test.
Urochordates is a medium-sized gathering of around 3,000 types of marine creatures, generally known as Sea Squirts, tunicates, Salps and Larvaceans. They are all channel feeders that utilize a similarly comparative component of drawing water through punctured pharynx to gather little food particles caught in the mucosa.
At times it contains living cells that have relocated from the creature's fundamental body and an organization of veins. The larvae can change their home and construct another house at regular intervals. Urochordates grown-ups have no appendages, no cerebrums and the tail is just obvious during the improvement of larvae other than the larvae.

Hence, the right answer is option A.

Tunicates are additionally known to be helpful synthetic mixtures, like Didemnins, Ecteinascidin and Aplidine, which are as compelling as anticancer, antiviral, and immunosuppressants.