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Transportation and photosynthesis in plants is a compromise. Substantiate.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: active process photosynthesis in a plant has an insatiable need for water. The photosynthesis process is limited by the availability of water which can be swiftly depleted by the process of transpiration. The humidity in rainforests is large because of the vast cycle of water from root to leaf of the plant and then to the atmosphere further back to the soil.

Complete answer:
Transpiration process has more than one purpose in the photosynthesis process and they are-
The photosynthesis process creates transpiration pull for absorption as well as transport of water in the plant.
It also carries minerals from the soil to all parts of the plant.
It helps in cooling the surface of the leaf.
 It helps the plant to maintain its shape and structure by keeping plant cells turgid.
The rainforest is humid due to the presence of cycling of water processes.
The change of ${C_4}$ in photosynthetic helps in maximising the availability of carbon dioxide ($C{O_2}$) while water loss is minimised.
Maintains the shape and structure of the plants by keeping cells turgid.
Transportation is the process in which water is supplied from the process of photosynthesis because in photosynthesis limited water is available and transportation shifts depleted water to the plant.
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Note: Photosynthesis as well as transpiration both is a compromise for a plant to live. Photosynthetic or green plants actively require lots of water and the water demand by plants to live and make their food is so high that it gets depleted through the transpiration process rapidly.