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Today is Monday. After 61 days it will be:

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Hint: We know that in a week there are 7 days and every day is repeated after a week. If today is Monday, then after 9 weeks i.e 63 days, it will be gain Monday. To get the day after 61 days we have to go two days before.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Here, it is given that today is a Monday. Now, we have to find the day after 61 days.
We know that in a week there are 7 days. They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Given that today is Monday. So after 7 days again it will be Monday. Similarly, after 14 days also it will be Monday.
Therefore we can say that, the day that comes after the multiple of 7, that is after a week will be Monday.
Hence, we can say that each day is repeated after 7 days.
 Now, let us consider that after 9weeks which is again a multiple of 7, it is Monday. i.e.
  & 9\text{ }weeks=9\times 7\text{ }days \\
 & 9\text{ }weeks=63\text{ }days \\
 Therefore, we can say that after 63 days it will be Monday again.
Then, after 62 days it will be the previous day of Monday which is Sunday and after 61 days it will be the previous day of Sunday which is Saturday.
Hence, we can say that the day after 61 days will be Saturday.
So, the correct answer for this question is option (d).

Note: Here, another method to find the answer is that you can divide 61 by 7, we will quotient 8 and remainder 5 where quotient is the number of weeks and remainder is the number of days. Now multiply 8 by 7 we will get 56 days. After 56 days it is again Monday. Since, 5 is the remainder, calculate 5 days after Monday which is Saturday.

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