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To make a marriage tent, poles are planted along the perimeter of square field at a
Distance of 5 metres from each other and the total no. of poles used is 20 .
What is the area ( in sq metre) of this square field ?
A) 500
B) 400
C) 900
D) None of these

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Hint:A square is a quadrilateral with all equal sides and all angles are right angle (90°).
Formula of perimeter of square is
Perimeter = 4× side .
According to question,
plants are plotted along the perimeter of a square field.
Therefore, four poles will be at corners and remaining will be in between the corners along the perimeter.
Length of each side will be 25 m as there will be four poles in each side and they are separated 5 meters away from each other .
Perimeter will be ,
Perimeter = 4 × side
Perimeter = 4 × 25 m
Perimeter = 100 m
Now, we have to find area of this square field
Area = side ×side
Area = 25 m× 25 m
Area = 625 meter square.
Therefore, the area of this square field will be 625 meter square.

Hence option (D) is correct.

Note:it is very easy to solve when we know about all the formula regarding questions and be clear with what you have to find the area or perimeter. Be clear with what you have to find first and then proceed as per question next thing to find. If you don’t remember the formula of perimeter ,
Perimeter is the sum of all sides. So simply add all sides.