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Think and write five uses of Rubber in our everyday use.

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: Rubber is one of the most widely used materials all over the world. It is made from latex, which comes out from rubber trees or any other tree. Latex is actually a sticky and milky material.

Complete Answer:
To make the rubber, the latex from the plant is collected in vessels and this process of collecting the latex is known as Tapping. Then the collected latex has to go through various processes like collection, coagulation, and finally the drying process in which the final product that is rubber is obtained, which is ready to use. Due to the surprising properties of rubber-like elasticity and Scratchiness, it is extensively used all over the world. It is extensively durable and waterproof. There are different types of rubber-like Hevea Brasiliensis, congo rubber, dandelion, etc. Due to its properties, its uses are extensive. Rubbers are used in everyday life. It is used to make car tires, conveyor belts, used as adhesive to join any material, used to make balloons, gloves, rubber bands which are extensively used by everyone in everyday life. It is used to make erasers. Used to make rubber toys, shock insulators or shock insulator shoes, insulating tapes, pipes, rainwear, cushions, etc.

Note: India is the third-largest producer of rubber and it ranks as the fourths largest consumer of rubber. Rubber is exported from India worldwide. Due to various enhancements in the field of biotechnology and microbiology, certain bacterias like Pseudomonas Citronellolis are used to decompose the rubber.