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There are 54 rusks in a packet. Usha buys 6 packets. How many rusks does she have?

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: Here we use basic multiplication to get the required answer. We have given the number of items in a packet. So, to get the number of items in $n$ packets, we will multiply $n$ with the number of items in each packet.

Formula Used:
Total no. of Rusks= No. of rusks in 1 packet $ \times $ Total No. of packets

Complete step by step answer:
Given, No. of rusks in a packet = 54
Total no. of packets=6
We know that,
Total no. of rusks =No. of rusks in a packet $ \times $ Total no. of packets
which means, we are multiplying the number of rusks in each packet ($54$) with the total number of packets($6$)
$\Rightarrow $ Total no.of rusks = 54$ \times $6
$\Rightarrow $ Total no. of rusks =324

$\therefore$The number of rusks in 6 packets will be equal to 324.

In these similar types of questions, a student generally confused whether to use the concept of multiplication or division.
So, it should be noted that if 1 quantity is given in the question and asking about multiple no. of quantities, then the concept of multiplication will be used.