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The two functional groups present in a typical carbohydrate are :
a.) -CHO and -COOH
b.) -CO and -OH
c.) -OH and -CHO
d.) -OH and -COOH

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Hint: The Carbohydrates contain a carbonyl group on the first or second carbon of the molecule. Even, a typical carbohydrate consists of a C-OH bond. So, the option in these which contain both of such will be the correct one. Glucose is a carbohydrate. So, one can see the structure and predict the answer.

Complete step by step answer :
Let us begin by understanding the meaning of functional groups.
The functional groups may be defined as the special group of atoms that gives specific character to the compound. Some of the functional groups are -COOH, -CHO, -OH, -NO etc.
Now, let us see about Carbohydrates.
The Carbohydrates are the sugars. These biomolecules are made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Carbohydrates are a quick source of energy. These molecules have at least one aldehydic or ketonic group and with that hydroxyl groups are present on carbon atoms in chains.
If we see the options given to us then, option c.) contains both the groups aldehydic (CHO) and hydroxy (OH) groups.

So, the option c.) is the correct answer.

Note: Many groups can be substituted in a carbon chain. But the word typically means the characteristic feature of the compound. All carbohydrates contain at least one aldehydic or ketonic group and from that side of the molecule where such a group is present; the numbering of the carbon chain is started.