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The theory of special creation does not believe in:
 A. Changeable flora and fauna
 B. Constant diversity
 C. Unchangeable forms of the organism
 D. 4000 years old earth

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Hint: The theory of special creation is based on the descriptions mentioned in the Bible and thus does not believe in the theory of evolution. This theory used to be believed until the middle of the nineteenth century.
According to the theory of special creation, life on earth is a result of a supernatural event by God.

Complete answer:
This theory is based on religious beliefs that the life on earth and all the living organisms were made by God in mere six days out of nothing and were created in the present existing form of theirs. All basic materials that are present on the earth were created by God on the first day. Then, the ancestors of all plants were created the following days.
All the ancestors of animals were made on the fifth day followed by the first man that was made by God on the sixth final day.
The special creation theory was opposed by Charles Darwin while explaining his theory of evolution according to which all living organisms of the earth are changeable and undergo evolution. The special creation theory thus does not possess validity at the present because it believes in unchangeable flora and fauna.

So, the correct option is (A) "changeable flora and fauna".

Note: The theory of special creation or creationism was earlier strongly supported by Father Suarez, John Milton, and Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. However, the theory could not be subjected to experimental and scientific studies.