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The term inundation canals is used for ___________.
A) Diverting river water by constructing a dam
B) These canals are mostly rain – fed
C) These are graded rivers
D) Flood waters of the rivers are diverted for irrigation purposes

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A canal is basically a man made waterway. The canals are mostly used for the purpose of irrigation or for conveyance/transportation. Canals are mostly taken out from the reservoirs created as a result of the building dams.

Complete answer:
Canals are carved out from the rivers. Waterways and water ducts are the two classifications of the canals. Waterways are used for navigation and transportation purposes. Water ducts are used for the supply of portable water for irrigation, consumption and other general uses. The Indira Gandhi Canal is one of the longest canals of India which originates at Firozpur. This canal flows through the states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. The upper Ganga canal and the lower Ganga canal span Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The length of this canal is 342 km and if the length of its distributaries are included, then the total length becomes 6000 km. There are many other canals: The Narmada canal, Buckingham canal, Kakatiya canal, Sharda canal, Agra canal, National waterway 1, National waterway 3 (West Coast Canal), Handri neeva canal Project, Sirhind canal, Western Yamuna canal, Sutlej Yamuna link canal, Anupgarh canal and the soundane cut. At the times of floods, these canals divert the water for irrigation purposes.

Thus, option (D) is correct.

The largest canal project in India is the Indira Gandhi canal whose total length is 9245 km including the main canal, feeder canal and the distributary canal. It also has the largest flow rate compared to all the other canals in India with an average discharge of 138 cubic meters per second.