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The telephone with cables was invented by:
A. Alexander Graham Bell
B. Alexander Bain
C. Martin Cooper
D. John Logie Baird

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Hint: Among the most prevalent telephone cables is known as the coaxial cable. Alexander Bain was a Scottish philosopher and educationist.

Complete step by step solution:
More than a hundred years ago, Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone. Initially, the telephone lines were separate lines connecting telephone pairs. Everyone who had a telephone was able to talk to another phone in other words. In \[1877\], Boston established the first telephone line. In Somerville MA, it connected Charles Williams Jr. with his office in Boston. Naturally, the use of private lines was very restrictive. More than one household, people wanted to talk with. A central interconnection facility was needed, a place where telephone lines would be connected as desired. Overhead lines, put on telephone poles or on racks on rooftops were the first telephone lines. The telephone lines were single grounded iron or steel wires. Although some wires were galvanized to resist corrosion, corrosion was no less common. The lines were grounded single wires and inherently sounded. In an effort to reduce the noise in the lines, Phosphor bronze wires and Copper compound steel wires were made.

There were known benefits of the use of copper wiring but the technology could not make a copper wiring strong enough for an overhead wire. The process for hard-drawn copper wire was developed by Thomas Doolittle in the Naugatuck Valley in Connecticut in \[1877\]. He has drawn a number of dietary wires to increase his strength with soft, annealing copper wire. The hard copper wire was strong enough to control the telephone wire market with overhead wire and copper. Between \[1884\] and New York, an experimental long distance copper-based telephone line was established. Between New York and Philadelphia a hard-drawn copper phone line was set up in \[1885\].

Hence, the required answer is A.

Note: This question is a common question. But learners may go wrong or may get confused between Alexander Graham Bell and Alexander Bain. Remember that Alexander Bain is known as a famous Scottish philosopher and an educationalist.