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The root of the word algebra is.
1. heap
2. al – jabr
3. al – harsu
4. al – gabr

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: Here the question is related to the topic algebra. We have to determine the root word of algebra, the root word means where it comes from and why a particular topic has algebra. Every topic and every concept has a history. So by considering the history we have to determine the root of algebra.

Complete step by step solution:
Ancient Babylon and Egypt are the two places that were at the center of the development of algebra. Both civilizations used algebra in different ways and for different reasons, but it's generally accepted that it was the Babylonians who first made basic use of algebra and pioneered its beginnings in the field of mathematics.
Algebra is a branch of mathematics dealing with symbols and the rules for manipulating those symbols. In elementary algebra, those symbols represent quantities without fixed values, known as variables.
A persian mathematician and astronomer, Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa al- Khwarizmi, is known to be father of algebra. He wrote a book “Kitab al – jabr w’al – muqabalah”. which is now known as algebra.
The roots of the word, algebra, can be found in Medieval Latin and the Arabic word, 'Al Jabr', which means 'the reduction'. The word was first used as early as 1551.
Hence the root of the word algebra is al-jabr
Therefore the option (2) is the correct one.
So, the correct answer is “Option 2”.

Note: To solve these kinds of questions we have to know about the subject in detail. Every concept in mathematics has a history. The names for the topics in mathematics will be named by the scientist's name or something which will relate to the mathematician.