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The Roman Society consisted of ________.
A. The poor, the middle class, and the upper-middle class.
B. The poor, the upper class, and the wealthy.
C. Slaves and the wealthy.
D. Slaves, the poor and the wealthy.

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Hint: The Roman class has been divided into the most patriarchal and hierarchical status which define the status of women and the working class or poor or slaves likewise.

Complete Answer:
The early roman society and its social structure include the three levels of classes as Patricians, Plebeians, and Slaves. This comes in accordance with the hierarchical status as the first belonged to the wealthiest and highest social status which brought them their glory. The second belonged to the working class which has been known as the middle class. This type of class used to comprise the major part of the society for its population participation. The third describes the status of the lowest who had been known as slaves. The first class included the numbers of aristocrats because of the status of wealthy people who also belonged to the government and the branch of legislation. Male held responsible for the higher social status in comparison to their women counterparts. The second class even after being the majority of the class were not allowed to take part in the government but after being rebellious for their status they got their participation within the government.
The slave class was not allowed to enjoy any rights or freedom opportunities in comparison to the other two presented classes hierarchically. Slaves were used to be taken into account for the sold and brought purposes. They were generally sold and brought since they were captured during the times of the battles. These captured slaves were brought by the wealthiest people who got a special place to provide new life to the dead bodies. The children of the slaves eventually get the status of the slave in early Roman society.
So, the correct answer is Option D.

Note: The early roman society has no voice or assigned rights or freedom opportunities to slaves. The poor however get their status through rebellion whereas the wealthy enjoyed all the benefits by being in the privileged class status.