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The ratio of 50 paise to Rs 5 is

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint- In mathematics, a ratio is used for comparing two or more quantities that are measured in the same units. A ratio is a general term independent of a unit. For ratios written as a:b, the first term, i.e. ‘a’ is known as the antecedent and the second term, i.e. ‘b’ is known as the consequent.
If two ratios have the same value when simplified, then they are equivalent ratios. In the conversion of money, we will learn to convert the amount from paise to rupees. Conversion from paise to rupees is based on the basic fact that Re. 1 = 100 paisa.
Here, in this question, we need to first convert either of the units to another unit and then find the ratio of the two quantities.

Complete step by step solution:
For finding the ratio, we need to convert both the terms in the same unit, as the ratio is always unit less for the same measuring units.
Since, \[Rs.{\text{ }}1 = 100{\text{ }}paisa\] so, by following the unitary method we get,
  Rs{\text{ }}5 = 5 \times 100{\text{ paise}} \\
   = 500{\text{ paise}} \\
Now, the ratio is given as,
  {\text{Ratio = }}\dfrac{{{\text{50 paise}}}}{{{\text{500 paise}}}} \\
  {\text{ = }}\dfrac{{\text{1}}}{{{\text{10}}}} \\
Hence, the ratio of 50 paise to Rs 5 is $\dfrac{1}{{10}}$
Option (B) is correct

Note: First convert both quantities in the same units, and then find the ratio. The ratio has no units, i.e. it is unitless. Alternatively, we can proceed with converting the paisa to rupee as divide paisa by 100, i.e., \[1{\text{ }}paisa{\text{ }} = \;\dfrac{1}{{100}}rupee\] and then finding the ratio.