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The Ramayana was written by _________.
A. Ved Vyas
B. Tulsidas
C. Dronacharya
D. Maharshi Valmiki

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Hint: Ramayana is one of the two major religious epics in ancient India along with Mahabharata. It recounts the story of Lord Rama who was a prince in the celebrated kingdom of Kosala. The story unveils Rama’s legendary exile to the forest by his father Dasharatha who was asked to do this by Rama’s stepmother Kalkeyi, with his wife Sita and brother Laxman , Sita’s kidnapping and finally Rama’s return to Ayodhya as the king.

Complete step by step answer: The Ramayana is a popular epic for the Hindus and was written by Maharshi Valmiki approximately in 200BCE. The storyline is how Rama must save his kidnapped wife from Ravana , the king of Lanka. The Ramayana is an epic that teaches Hindu life lessons.
The Ramayana is based on the following plot. Rama was the eldest son of king Dasharatha He is regarded as the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. It is said that the Gods had declared him as the only one who could destroy Ravana, the demon. Rama’s stepmother Kalkeyi wanted her son Bharat to become the heir to the throne. Rama was the rightful one who was due to the throne. Kalkeyi reminded Dasharath of the special favour that he owed it to her, and asked him to send Ram to an exile of fourteen years. Rama followed his father’s orders. His wife and brother Laxman insisted on accompanying him. Dasharath died from shock. Laxman insisted Rama to return.
Rama was determined to follow his father’s orders and complete the exile. Meanwhile they defeated many demons. One of Ravana’s followers disguised as a deer and captured Sita’s attention. Sita asked Rama to get that deer for her. Rama drew a circle and asked Sita not to cross it.While Rama and his brother were busy at work, Ravana appeared to Sita in the disguise as a holy man and tricked her to get out of the circle. Then he captured Sita and took her away to Lanka. After several battles, Sita was rescued and Ravana was defeated. The version written by Valmiki questions Sita’s loyalty because of the amount of time she spent in an unknown man’s house. Sita proved herself by walking across the fire to prove her loyalty towards Rama.
Option ‘D’ is the correct answer.

Note: The Ramayana upholds some important lessons. One of the most important lessons learnt is good always prevails over evil, the lesson of faith, togetherness and many others. While answering the question do not get confused with Ved Vyasa who wrote the other Hindu epic called Mahabharata.