The product of two consecutive positive integers is divisible by 2.
A) True.
B) False.

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Hint:In this question it is given that the product of two consecutive positive integers is divisible by 2 or not. So to find the solution we have to take any two consecutive integers and check whether their multiplication is even or not, if their multiplication is even then the product of those numbers must be divisible by 2.
Complete step by step answer:
Let us consider that x be any positive integer then its next integer will be (x+1) and as we know that if we take any two consecutive positive integers then among them one must be an even number and another one must be the odd number.
a) 2,3
b) 3,4
c) 15,16
Also the multiplication of even and an odd number always gives an even number.
a) 2$\times$3 =6 = even number.
b) 3$\times$4= 12 = even number.
c) 15$\times$16= 240 = even number.
As we know that any even number is always divisible by 2, so we can say that the given statement is True.
Hence the correct option is option A.
Note: To solve this type of problem you need to know that the multiplication of any two consecutive positive integer is always gives an even number and to identify that a number is even or not, you have to know that if the last digit of a number is 0 or 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 then the number is called a even number.

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