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The price of a scooter was Rs.34000 last year. It has increased by 20% this year. What is the price now?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Here we go through by finding the value of 20% of the scooter price then adding it to the original scooter price because the price is increased.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Given that the price of a scooter last year was= Rs.34000.
And now it is given that the price has increased by 20% this year.
So first we have to find the value of 20% of 34000. By this step we know that by what amount the price will increase.
20% of 34,000=$\dfrac{{20}}{{100}} \times 34000 = 6800$ (as we know x% is written as $\dfrac{x}{{100}}$and we also know “of” is symbol of multiply that we study in BODMAS).
Now, the price of a scooter has increased 20%=34000+6800=Rs.40800.
Hence, the required answer is Rs. 40800.

Note: Whenever we face such a question the key concept for solving the question is first find out the value of given percentage by applying the method of finding the value of finding the percentage then if it is increasing then add the value to the original price if its decreasing the subtract from the original price.