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The present demographic transitions of India is indicative of________
(A)High population growth potential but low actual growth.
(B)High population growth potential and actual high growth.
(C) Partially industrialized economy.
(D) Typically increasing urbanization.

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Hint: Demography means the study of population and transition means moving from one face to another which means Demographic transitions show the population changes over time. It is a type of model by which changes in the population are described. Demographic transition is a model which is presented by Warren Thompson an American observer.

Complete step by step answer:
Earlier times the birth rate and death rate both were high birth rate high due to the illiteracy of peoples and the death rate is high because there is no economic development and there is no proper medical facility so the death rate was also high. So the country became double in its size in just $ 40 $ years. But with the changes in time and with the growth and development of society both were maintained and studied with this process. Demographic transitions are in $ 4 $ phases in India from $ 1921 $ to $ 2011 $ . And the next will held in $ 2021 $ will be the fifth phase. Urbanization is an increase in the proportion of people living in towns and cities. So it can be said that the present demographic transitions of India are indicative due to typically increasing urbanization. The demographic transition began in the nineteenth century.
So, the correct answer is Option D.

Note: With the growth and development of industrialized society and people living in it the demand for everything standards money livelihood is also increasing. With the urbanization, different styles of performances in the area of dance and music are nowadays also considered as sources of employment for fulfilling their basic needs.