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The plateau of India is roughly __ in shape.
(a) Circular
(b) Cylindrical
(c) Spherical
(d) Triangular

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Hint: The plateau of India, better known as the peninsular plateau, is shaped in such a way that its base is parallel to the Ganga valley, and its apex points towards the southern tips of the country. It is a part of a tectonic plate and is surrounded by ghats and hills.

Complete answer:
- The plateau of India is also known as the Peninsular plateau or the Deccan plateau.
- It is roughly triangular in shape. Its base is parallel to the Ganga valley, the southern edge of the great plain of North India. The apex of the triangle is at Kanyakumari in the south.
- It covers an area of 16 lakh square kilometers. It is bordered by the Western Ghats in the west, the Eastern Ghats in the east, and the Satpura, Maikal range, and Mahadeo hills in the north.
Additional Information:
- The average height of the plateau ranges from 600 - 900 m above the sea level.
- The general slope is from west to east as observed from the flow of the peninsular rivers with the exception of Narmada-Tapti flowing east to west due to rifts.
- The plateau is composed of metamorphic schist and gneiss and igneous rocks. The plateau is one of the oldest structures on the planet and is a part of the tectonic plate of Gondwanaland.
So, the correct answer is ‘(d) Triangular’.

- The minor plateaus formed from the division of the peninsular plateau are the Mysore Plateau, Malwa Plateau, Chotanagpur Plateau, Bundelkhand Plateau, and others.
- The total area of India covers 32 lakh square kilometers, which is mainly covered by the plateau.