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The phenomenon of like begets like is due to
A. Genetics
B. Heredity
C. Germplasm
D. Variation

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The phenomenon through which the genetic characteristics are inherited or transmitted from parents to their offspring is known as inheritance. Due to this inheritance pattern of genetics, the parents and offspring share likenesses in their genetic composition.

Complete answer:
“Like begets like” refers to a phenomenon of inheritance in which the transfer of genetic characteristics takes place from the parents to the offspring through heredity. Thus, both the parent and the offspring are alike in their genetic composition. The production of offspring from both the parents ensures that the offspring thus formed is more advanced and more capable. Also, the genetic race of the upcoming generation is more improved and moreover, it should be more superior to that of its respective parents.
As there is inheritance of genetic characteristics from one generation to the other, the upcoming generations are alike to their respective parents, thus depicting “like begets like”. For example, the offspring produced from humans are humans and those produced from mango plants are mangoes. Dissimilar species cannot be produced as offspring like the offspring of humans cannot be a dog, a cat or a monkey.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note: Like begets like is an important phenomenon which is universal to all the life forms. An offspring is a hybrid of male and female parents. Therefore parents and offspring share strong similarities in their genetic characteristics as well as its composition.