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The Parliament of India consists of____________.
A. One house
B. Three houses
C. Two houses
D. None of the above

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Hint: The parliament of India is the legislative body composed of the President and houses. Representatives of the houses play an important role in making laws.

Complete answer: The Parliament of India consists of two houses called as Lok Sabha (House of the people) and Rajya Sabha (Council of States).

Lok Sabha Rajya Sabha
Lok Sabha is also known as Lower house.Rajya Sabha is also known as Upper house.
Lok Sabha has 545 members.Rajya Sabha has 245 members.
Lok Sabha members are directly elected by the citizens of India based on universal adult franchise. Rajya Sabha members are indirectly elected by the members of legislative bodies of state based on proportional representation.
The minimum age for a person to become a member of Lok Sabha is 25 years. Minimum age to become a member of Rajya Sabha is 30 years.
In Lok Sabha, the President nominates 2 members from Anglo-Indian community.In Rajya Sabha, the President nominates 12 members from people who have special talent and knowledge from different backgrounds.

Looking at the options given:
Option A. New Zealand has one house or unicameral legislature. It is an incorrect option.
Option B. South African Parliament had three houses i.e. House of Assembly, House of Representatives, House of Delegates but it was disbanded in 1994. It is an incorrect option.
Option C. Indian Parliament has two houses named as Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
Option D. None of the above is an incorrect option.

Thus, Option C is correct.

Note:The maximum number of members in Lok Sabha can be envisaged by the constitution is 552 in which 530 members are to represent the state, upto 20 members to represent the union territories and 2 members of the Anglo indian Community.