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The most abundantly available fossil fuel is ______.
A) Petroleum
B) Natural Gas
C) Coal
D) Iron

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Coal, crude oil, and biological gas are all considered fossil fuels. As they were created from the fossilized, residues of plants and animals that inhabited millions of years ago.

Complete answer:
Fossil fuel is made by biological methods, such as anaerobic deterioration of buried extinct organisms, comprising organic molecules arising in chronological photosynthesis that deliver energy in the explosion. Such organisms and their occurring fossil fuels commonly retain the age of millions of years, and occasionally further more than 650 million years. Fossil fuels contain high percentages of carbon and contain petroleum, coal, and natural gas. Peat is also occasionally assessed as a fossil fuel. Generally exhausted products of fossil fuels include kerosene and propane.
Even though fossil fuels are frequently established by biological methods, they are normally categorized as non-renewable resources as they take millions of years to construct and known attainable reserves are being consumed much more rapidly than new ones are developed.
In India, coal is considered to be the most abundantly accessible fossil fuel. It delivers a considerable part of the nation’s energy needs. It is utilized for power production, to provide energy to the industry as well as for domestic necessities. India is largely dependent on coal for fulfilling its retail energy provisions.
Hence, most abundantly available fossil fuel is coal.

Thus, option (C) is correct.

The health and environmental effect of the coal industry is serious in India. One study noticed that $90\% $ of research in a village near a coal mine reported health crises in the last year, distinguished to $52\% $ of households from villages at least $40$ km off from a mine.