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The monthly income of a person is$Rs\text{ 5000}$. If his income is increased by $30%$, then what is his monthly income now?
A) $Rs\text{ 7000}$
B) $Rs\text{ 5500}$
C) $Rs\text{ 4500}$
D) $Rs\text{ 6500}$

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Hint: Here we use the concept of percentages.
$x\%\text{ }more\text{ } than \text{ }y=y\dfrac{(100+x)}{100}$
We need to find out monthly income after increment from the given information.

Complete step by step answer:
According to the question, given income is $Rs\text{ 5000}$. Income is increased by $30%$.
Substituting $x=30$ and $y=5000$ in the above formula which is mentioned in the hint, we get
  & 30\%\text{ }more\text{ }\,than\text{ 5000}=5000\dfrac{(100+30)}{100} \\
 & \text{ }=\dfrac{5000\times 130}{100} \\
 & \text{ }=6500 \\
 & \\
Hence new Income is $Rs\text{ }6500$

Therefore, Option D is the correct answer.

Note: Sometimes if the question is $x%\text{ }less\text{ } than \text{ y}$ we can use the formula $y\dfrac{(100-x)}{100}$.
In such types of questions which involves the concept of percentages translation of information in wordings to math is to be done. Apply the appropriate formula and then solve to get the required answer.