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The main reasons for the success of Mendel was that
A. He made a statistical analysis of the offspring
B. He first took only one character at a time in his cross
C. He kept pedigree records
D. He selected pea plants

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Hint: Gregor John Mendel did some experiments on pea plants from 1856 to 1863. On the basis of the results of these experiments, he discovered the law of inheritance. It was a great discovery. He was the first man who elaborated on how characters are inherited. He called genes a factor. He is called the father of inheritance.

Complete answer: Mendal was successful to explain the laws of heredity because he chose pea plants that were pure. The main reason for the success of Mendel was that he took one character at one time in his experiments of hybridization. So it was easy. Other scientists also performed cross-hybridization for many characters, this made the experiments complex and they could not accurately explain the results. Mendel chose the pea plant. This was also a good choice. But he was lucky that all characters he chose are regulated by the genes that are found on different chromosomes. Also, the pea plant is bisexual, annual and its life cycle is short. So experiments were easy on pea plant. Mendel only performed a dihybrid cross after completion of the monohybrid cross. He only chose those characters that were contrasting. He carefully observed the results and analyzed them. He recorded all the results.
Hence, the correct answer is option B.

Note: Mendal gave three laws of inheritance that were the law of dominance, the law of segregation and law of independent assortment. His experiments and discovery were published in an article. But that time scientists refused to accept these laws and he was not given credit. Later three scientists Corens, Hugo de Vries, and von Tschermak independently discovered these laws and it was proved that medals’ laws were right. Now Mendel is considered a pioneer of genetics.