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The introductory part of a constitution is called ____________

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Hint: The Indian Constitution is the country's highest regulation. The text established
A framework for defining the fundamental political code, structure, policies, powers, and
responsibilities of government agencies, as well as fundamental rights. It is the world's longest written constitution.

Complete answer:
A constitution's preamble is the first part of the document. It's a declaration that comes before a constitution and serves as a preamble. The constitution's goal is stated in the preamble.

Jawaharlal Nehru presents an "Objective Resolution" on December 13, 1946, outlining the constitution's underlying values. This eventually became the Constitution's Preamble. The preamble explains the essence of the state, the government's structure, the nation's and people's beliefs, and the goals that must be met.

Following are some of the elements –
 1. Sovereign: India is a sovereign state since it has a legislature with unrestricted power to make laws
for the people. India's citizens have the exclusive authority to elect the government and representatives to the parliament, national legislatures, and state legislatures.

2. Socialist: The term socialist is used to describe the country's social and economic equality. The 42nd amendment, which was ratified in 1976, incorporated it. The concept is to use a democratic function to help the government achieve socialist goals.

3. Secular:The term secular implies that no one would be discriminated against because of their faith. The state will have no religion, and all religions will be treated equally by the state. It embraces the concept of positive secularism. The 42nd amendment incorporated the term "secular" in 1976.

4. Democratic: Democracy is a form of government that is created by and for the people. A representative government is one that the people elect. It expresses the principle of people's laws. Any person who is 18 years of age or older has the right to vote (to elect government representatives).

Thus the correct answer is The introductory part of a constitution is called ‘’Preamble”.

Note: In the case of Kesavananda Bharati v. the State of Kerala, it was determined that the preamble plays an important role in the reading of the constitution and its rules and that it can be considered part of the constitution.
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