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The industrial revolution in England and Western Europe more than two centuries ago was triggered by some key scientific and technological advances. What were these advances?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Some of the key advances during the period in science and technology that includes the application of the heat and thermodynamics to form the steam engine. Discovery of the electricity helped in the designing of the dynamos and the motors. Study of the gravitation leads to the study of motion and to make the guns and the cannons.

Complete step by step solution:
More than two centuries ago, England and the Western Europe started using the machine that led to the industrial revolution. Some of the important inventions were, steam engine, electricity, theory of gravitation, explosives, cotton jenny, power loom and blast furnace. Steam engines helped England and the western Europe in the field of thermodynamics and theory of gravitation in the field of motion and making guns.

This gave power in the hands of western countries and they ruled over the rest of the world. The discovery of explosives not only helped the army but also mineral exploration. These are some examples of scientific and technological advances which helped England and Europe to have their prominent positions in the world. In fact, the progress in chemistry, physics and natural sciences brought the industrial revolution in England and western Europe.

Note: The Industrial Revolution, in this sense, has been a worldwide phenomenon, at least in so far as it has occurred in all those parts of the world, of which there are very few exceptions, where the influence of Western civilization has been felt.