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The historical Malwa region include ___________
A.Parts of Gulbarg
B.Parts of Mumbai
C.Parts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan
D.Andaman islands

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Hint:The Malwa region had been a separate unit from the time of the traditional Malava Kingdom. it's been dominated by many kingdoms and dynasties, as well as the Avanti Kingdom, The Mauryans, the Malavas, the Guptas, the Paramaras, the Malwa sultans, the Mughals and also the Marathas. Malwa continued to be an administrative division till 1947, once the Malwa Agency of British Asian Country i.e India was incorporated into the Madhya Republic of India (also called Malwa Union) state of an independent India.

Complete answer:
Malwa is an Indian historical doab region of western India occupying a highland of volcanic origin. Geologically, the Malwa highland typically refers to the volcanic upland north of the Vindhya variety. Politically and administratively, it's additionally similar with the previous state of Madhya Asian country that was later unified with Madhya Pradesh, and presently the historical Malwa region includes districts of western Madhya Pradesh and elements of south-eastern Rajasthan, typically the definition of Malwa is extended to incorporate the Nimar region south of the Vindhyas. Overall, agriculture is the main occupation of the individuals of Malwa. The region has been one among the vital producers of controlled substances within the world. Wheat and soybeans are alternative vital money crops, and textiles are a significant business. The culture of Malwa has been considerably influenced by Rajasthani culture, as a result of their geographic proximity. Marathi influence is additionally visible, as a result of recent rule by the Marathas.
The main language of Malwa is Malvi, though Hindi is wide spoken within the cities.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note:The name Malwa is derived from the name of the traditional Indian tribe of Malavas. The name Malava is alleged to be derived from the Sanskrit term Malav, which suggests "part of the abode of Lakshmi". Ujjain was the capital town of the Avanti kingdom, one amongst the distinguished mahajanapadas of ancient India.