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The great bath of Mohenjodaro was built from__________.
A. Dry bricks
B. Mud
C. Stone
D. Burnt bricks

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Hint: The great bath of Mohenjodaro was built in Sindh, Pakistan. Evidence shows that it was built in the 3rd millennium BCE.

Complete answer: The Great bath is one of the popular structures of Indus Valley Civilization. It is the earliest public water tank of the ancient world. It is 11.88*7.01 metres and has a maximum depth of 2.43 metres. During excavation, a hole was also found at one end of the bath which indicates that it might have been used to drain the water into it. It was built from fitted burnt bricks and mud laid on the edge with a kind of plaster. A thin layer of bitumen was laid along the sides of the pool and also on the floor. A series of rooms were also located along the eastern edge of the building and in one room was a well that may have supplied some of the water needed to fill the tank. The structure also highlights that rainwater also may have been collected into it but no inlet drains have been found here. Most of the scholars and historians believed that the Great bath may have been used for special religious functions where water was used to purify and renew the well being of the bathers.

Hence, The correct answer is Option D.

Note: Mohenjodaro was discovered by R.D Banerji in 1922 and the Great bath was excavated in 1926 during archaeological excavations.