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Last updated date: 28th Nov 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

The distance between the school and a student’s house is 1 km 875 m. Everyday she walks both ways. Find the total distance covered by her in six days.

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Hint: Convert the distance in a single unit and proceed using a unitary method.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Given distance between school and house = 1 km 875 m
Now, we know that 1 km = 1000m
So, the distance covered each day= $1875 \times 2 = 3750m$
Therefore , the distance covered in 6 days = $3750 \times 2 = 22500m = 22.5{\text{ km or }}22{\text{ km }}500{\text{ m}}{\text{.}}$

Note: Similar problems including volume of water can be asked. Students must know unit conversion, along with different dimension, shapes.