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The altitude in Ladakh varies from about _____ in Kargil to more than ______ in the Karakoram.
A. 3000m, 8000m
B. 1000m, 9000m
C. 2000m, 10000m
D. 3000m, 11000m

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Hint: Elevation or altitude is characterized dependent on the setting in which it is utilized. As an overall definition, the elevation is a distance estimation, generally in the vertical or "up" heading, between a reference datum and a point or article. The reference datum likewise regularly differs as indicated by the unique circumstance. To determine the altitude of the landform the sea level is taken as the reference datum.

Complete Answer:
Kargil which is now part of the western Ladakh union territory was previously part of northwestern Jammu and Kashmir State. Kargil lies in the Zaskar Range of the Himalayas and adjoins the line of control between the parts of Kashmir which lie inside the border of India and Pakistan. Kargil town, located generally equidistant between Srinagar and Leh, is viewed as the doorway to Ladakh. Karakoram Range, incredible mountain framework expanding approximately 300 miles (500 km) from the easternmost augmentation of Afghanistan a southeasterly way along the watershed among Central and South Asia. Found there are the best grouping of high mountains on the planet and the longest ice sheets outside the high scopes. The altitude in Ladakh varies significantly from Kargil at an elevation of 3000 m to more than 8000m in the Karakoram.

Thus, option (A) is correct.

Note: The Karakorams are important mountain ranges at the focal point of Asia. It includes the Hindu Kush toward the west, the Pamir Plateau toward the northwest, the Kunlun Mountains on the east, and the Himalayas toward the southeast.
Kargil is a town of major strategic importance in wars between India and Pakistan.