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The age of Kapil 4 years ago and 10 years after is 34. Find his present age.

Last updated date: 26th Mar 2023
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Hint: In order to solve this problem assume the present age of Kapil to be a variable and then make the equations using the provided information in the question given and then solve for the value of this variable to get the present age of Kapil.

Let us assume that the present age of Kapil is x.
Then his age 4 years back (ago) would be,
 x - 4 ……(i)
And his age 10 years from now will be,
 x + 10 ….(ii)
According to the question the sum of his ages 4 years ago and 10 years after is 34……………. (iii)
So using the equation (iii) we can say that equation (iii) is the sum of equation(i) and equation (ii).
x - 4 + x + 10 = 34
2x + 6 = 34
2x = 28
${\text{x = }}\dfrac{{28}}{2}$
Therefore x = 14
So, the present age of Kapil is 14 years.

Note: Whenever we face such types of problems the key point that we need to remember is that firstly, assume the required age to be a variable then apply the conditions given in the question to get your problem solved. Try to assume the minimum number of variables will make your problems a bit easier to solve and will help you reach the right answer.