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The 3 is what percent of 12?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: The question asks us to find what percent of 12 is 3. The best way to solve such questions is to assume the unknown quantity as $x$ and formulate the correct equation. Let’s assume that $x\% $ of 12 is 3. We have to convert the percentage into a fraction and then solve the equation to get the answer.

Complete step by step answer:
By definition, percentage means percent or number of parts of something in its 100 parts.Here, we are asked to find out what percentage of 12 is 3. Let’s consider $x\% $ of 12 is 3.After converting $x\% $ into fraction we get:
Now we find $x\% $ of 12:
$\dfrac{x}{{100}} \times 12$
The above value is equal to 3. Hence, after formulating the equation, we get:
$\dfrac{x}{{100}} \times 12 = 3$
After simplifying the equation, we get:
$\dfrac{x}{{100}} \times 4 = 1$
$\therefore x = \dfrac{{100}}{4} = 25$

Hence, 3 is 25% of 12.

Note: When we deal with percentages, we have to remember that it is a dimensionless quantity. While converting a fraction into percentage, we divide it with 100 (per cent). While converting percentage into fraction we multiply it with 100. The main task is to understand the question and formulate the correct equation, solving it will give you the answer.