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Last updated date: 25th Nov 2023
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Tara is \[66\] inches tall and her son, Tom is \[59\dfrac{7}{{12}}\] inches tall. How much taller is tara?

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Hint: According to the question, we shall see the difference in height of a mother with her son tom. We can see the difference by subtracting the height of Tom from the height of Tara. By this we can find out who is taller.

Complete step-by-step solution:
By the given statistics the mother is \[66\] inches tall and her son Tom is \[59\dfrac{7}{{12}}\] inches tall.
As per the analytics the equation can be written as,
\[66 - 59\dfrac{7}{{12}}\] inches tall
In the above equation, the mother looks taller by the analytics. So, that is the reason why we are putting her height first.
Now, by solving the equation written above, we get:
\[ = 66 - 59\dfrac{7}{{12}}\]
Now, when we solve the mixed fraction, we get:
\[ = 66 - 59.5833\]
\[ = 6.4166\]
Therefore, this is the difference between the height of Tara and Tom. So, we can say that Tara is \[6.4166\]inches taller than Tom.

Note: To find out the difference between their height, we subtracted the height of Tom from the height of Tara, because Tara’s height is much more than Tom’s height. If we had done the opposite by subtracting the height of Tara from the height of Tom, then the answer would have come in a negative value, which would be incorrect.

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