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Suppose you are in a car and it is raining heavily with thunderstorms. Then what is the best way to protect yourself from a possible thunderstorm fall?
A. Remain in the car
B. Get out of the car and take cover under car
C. Run to a nearby tree
D. Get out and stand with electrical pole

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint:In order to solve this question we need to understand electricity flow in conductors. A conductor is defined as material having free electrons and having very less resistivity, so that maximum current could flow inside conductor or metal. Whenever a conductor is subjected to a potential, maximum current flows inside metal however some of the current is lost in overcoming potential barrier, but this less is very less in comparison to total current that flows inside metal.

Complete answer:
We know whenever there is potential difference across the metal then a current flows in metal, and the ground is considered to be at lowest potential, so whenever a thunderstorm strikes it tries to flow to very less potential, and if instead of metal it founds your body connected to ground then it would flow from your body to earth, since the current is of very high potential thus generating more heat and your body could not resist this heat resulting in death.

So if you are inside your car and thunderstorm strikes then the best possible way to escape is that, you must not give thunderstorm path to flow means do not connect yourself to either a metal or to ground, so it’s safe to remain inside the car and sitting on insulators rather than going out and finding other options.

So the correct option is A.

Note:It should be remembered that car has rubber tyres, which are considered to be good insulator, so a car does not attract the thunderbolt, as when thunderbolt strikes the car it would try to flow to ground from its metal surface but rubber tyres stops its flow. However other options might attract thunderstorms and you might get hurt also.