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State true or false:
Is it risky to wear synthetic clothes while working in the kitchen?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Fiber is defined as a thread or filament from which a vegetable tissue, mineral substance or textile is formed. There are generally two types of fibers natural and man-made fibers and synthetic fibers are kept IN the category of man-made fibers.

Complete answer: Natural fibers are those which exist in nature for example cotton and man-made fibers are prepared by man these are also known as artificial fibers for example nylon, rayon etc. Synthetic fibers are artificial fibers produced from chemical substances which are used for making clothes and other useful things. These are made by the process of polymerization. Synthetic fibers can be of two types either it can be completely synthetic or it can be semisynthetic. Fibers which are purely synthetic for example nylons, polyesters, acrylics are made from chemicals and on the other fibers which are semisynthetic for example rayon are produced with the utilization of natural polymers as raw material.
There are also some disadvantages of synthetic fiber that it melts on heating, sticks to the body of the person who is wearing it and If they catch fire it could be really dangerous as the burning case is high in synthetic clothes as compared to woolen or other clothes. Therefore we have to avoid synthetic clothes while working in the kitchen or a laboratory.

Hence the given statement is true.

Note: Synthetic fibers are generally of four types which are classified as nylon, rayon, polyester or acrylic. Rayon is similar to silk which is obtained from wood pulp, nylon is strong elastic and light is used to make ropes, polyesters are made up of esters used to make bottles and acrylic is a type of wool.