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Starting from the smallest 8 - digit number, write the next five numbers in ascending order and read them.

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Hint:-Here, we simply write the numbers that question asked to read.

We know the smallest 8 digit number is ${\text{10000000}}$I.e. ${\text{1}}$crore.
Five numbers ascending ${\text{1}}$ crore is
$ \Rightarrow {\text{10000001}}$: One crore one
$ \Rightarrow {\text{10000002}}$: One crore two
$ \Rightarrow {\text{10000003}}$: One crore three
$ \Rightarrow {\text{10000004}}$: One crore four
$ \Rightarrow {\text{10000005}}$: One crore five.

Note:-Whenever we face such a question, we have to recall the smallest and greatest number of any digit and to know how to read these numbers.
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