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Solve the given equation to find the value of ‘x’ x(21 -7) + 7\[ \times \]2 =70.

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint:- Use the BODMAS rule to simplify the equation. So first open the bracket, multiply the terms and add the 2 terms and equate it with RHS to find the value of x.

Given an equation, x(21 -7) + 7\[ \times \]2 =70
We have to solve the equation and find the unknown variable x. For solving the given equation , we are going to start by applying the BODMAS rule to simplify the equation.
BODMAS rule depicts the correct sequence of operations to be executed. Here,
B – Bracket
O – of
D – Division
M – Multiplication
A – Addition
S – Subtraction
The rules say start from Brackets , then follow the sequence accordingly.
In our equation, x(21 -7) + 7\[ \times \]2 =70
We have brackets , so , first we need to solve the brackets. On solving brackets , we get
x(14) + 7\[ \times \]2 =70
Now , we don’t have division so next comes multiplication. We have to perform a multiplication operation on the above equation. On performing multiplication , we get
14x + 14 =70
Now , we can’t directly perform addition or subtraction. So, taking constant term from left hand side to right hand side, we get
14x = 70 -14
Now, performing the subtraction operation.
14x= 56
And now dividing both with the coefficient of x. We get,
x = 4.
Hence, x = 4.

Note:- In these types of questions, we need to remember the two basic steps. Step 1 is to simplify the equation using the BODMAS rule. Step 2 is to equate the unknown variable to the constant i.e. Sending all constants on the right hand side and bringing the unknown on the right hand side.