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What is society?
A. Society is a group of people sharing a common culture
B. Society is an arrangement of relationships
C. Both A and B
D. Neither A nor B

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: A society enables human beings to carry on their life-activities and help each other to fulfil wishes and accomplish interests. Family is often regarded as the first form of society.

Complete Answer: In a society individuals share a distinctive culture and societies are characterized by social relations between individuals.

A group of individuals who share the same social territory and are involved in persistent social interaction are known as a society.

The term society comes from the Latin word “societas” which is used to describe a bond or interaction between parties that are friendly.

According to sociologists, a society is a group of people with a common territory, interaction and culture. A social group consists of two or more people who interact and identify with one another.

Society can also be described as an organization of people who share a particular interest of purpose.

Therefore, the correct answer is option C.

Note: Sociologists place societies in three broad categories: pre-industrial, industrial and post-industrial. In a pre-industrial society, food production, which was carried out through the use of human and animal labour, was the main economic activity. Industrial societies rely heavily on machines for the production of goods. In post-industrial societies information, services and technology dominates over the production of goods.