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Simplify the equation and find its value :- $({5^0}{\text{x}}{{\text{3}}^0} + {7^0}{\text{x}}{{\text{8}}^0}){\text{x}}{{\text{4}}^0}$.

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Hint: In order to solve this problem we have to know that anything raised to the power zero is one. This will take you to the correct solution of the problem.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The given equation is $({5^0}{\text{x}}{{\text{3}}^0} + {7^0}{\text{x}}{{\text{8}}^0}){\text{x}}{{\text{4}}^0}$.
We know any number raised to the power zero is one.
Therefore we can do ${5^0} = 1,\,{3^0} = 1,\,{7^0} = 1,\,{8^0} = 1,\,{4^0} = 1$
On putting the values obtained above in the given equation we get,
(1x1+1x1)x1 = (2)x1 = 2.
Hence, the correct answer is 2.

Note – Whenever you face such types of problems you just have to apply the concept that any number raised to the power zero is one. Then on putting 1 at every place where the numbers raised to the zero. Doing this will give you the right answer.
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