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Simplification of $3\dfrac{1}{5} \times 10\dfrac{1}{2}$ gives us
${\text{A}}{\text{. }}\dfrac{{166}}{5}$
${\text{B}}{\text{. }}\dfrac{{167}}{5}$
${\text{C}}{\text{. }}\dfrac{{168}}{5}$
${\text{D}}{\text{. }}\dfrac{{161}}{5}$

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Hint: Here mixed fractions are given in the problem, so first we convert these mixed fractions into proper fractions like $3\dfrac{1}{5} = \dfrac{{16}}{5}$ and $10\dfrac{1}{2} = \dfrac{{21}}{2}$, after converting into proper fractions, perform the multiplication to find the answer.

Complete step-by-step solution -
We have been asked in the question to find the value of the expression-
$3\dfrac{1}{5} \times 10\dfrac{1}{2} \to (1)$.
Using the hint, we can write –
$3\dfrac{1}{5} = \dfrac{{16}}{5}$ and $10\dfrac{1}{2} = \dfrac{{21}}{2}$.
Putting these values in equation (1), we get-
$3\dfrac{1}{5} \times 10\dfrac{1}{2} = \dfrac{{16}}{5} \times \dfrac{{21}}{2} = \dfrac{{168}}{5}$
Hence, the answer is option ${\text{C}}{\text{. }}\dfrac{{168}}{5}$.

Note: Whenever such types of questions appear, try to simplify the given expression in the simplest form, as mentioned in the solution. We have found the whole fraction value of both the terms and then put the values in the expression to find the answer.