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What was the Silk Road?
A. The route connecting China with Japan was known as the Silk Road.
B. The route connecting China with Europe was known as the Silk Road.
C. The route connecting India with Europe was known as the Silk Road.
D. The route connecting China with India was known as the k road.

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Hint: The Silk Road is a policy of exchange and trade paths which are associated in the East and West. It was prominent to the economic and religious intercourses between these areas from the 2nd century to the 18th century.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The Silk Road originates its phrase from the lucrative silk transaction held out along its length, onset in the Han dynasty in China from 207 BC to 220 CE. The Han dynasty widened the Central Asian province of the trade ways around 114 BC through the purposes and analyses of the Chinese supreme envoy Zhang Qian, as well as several military successes. The Chinese took a tremendous concern in the insurance of their trade commodities and expanded the Great Wall of China to assure the safety of the trade and commerce route. Historians have specified various silk ways, overland and by sea, lacing jointly huge areas of Asia, and correlating Asia with Europe and northern Africa. They are recognized to have prevailed since before the Christian time and prospered nearly till the fifteenth century. But Chinese crockery further toured the comparable route, as attained textiles and spices from India and Southeast Asia. In return, useful metals gold and silver trickled from Europe to Asia.
Hence, the route connecting China with Europe was known as the Silk Road.

Thus, option (B) is correct.

Note: The silk routes are a decent illustration of vibrant pre-modern business and cultural links between different parts of the world. The word ‘silk routes’ degrees to the significance of West-bound Chinese silk cargoes along this path.