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Revolt of 1857 started from ______________.
A) Delhi
B) Agra
C) Lucknow
D) Meerut

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Hint: The Indian Revolt of 1857 was a significant revolt against the British East India Company's rule in India in 1857 and 1858. On January 23, 1857, the major incident that precipitated the war took place, which was the unwillingness of the sepoys to use grease-covered bullets. The grease covered bullets were greased with pig fat.

Complete answer:
The revolution of 1857 marked the formal start of the war for independence against the British colonial tyranny. The rebellion of 1857 is known by a variety of names, including India's First War of Independence, the Sepoy Mutiny, and many others. It was started as a protest against the British officers by sepoys in the Bengal Presidency.

The rebellion started as a sepoy mutiny on May 10, 1857, in the garrison town of Meerut. It was then followed by other mutinies and civilian rebellions, mostly in the upper Gangetic plain and central India, though revolts also occurred further north and east.

The revolution of 1857 shattered the foundations of the British East India Company and revealed their inefficiency in managing the Indian government. The enactment of the Government of India Act, which repealed the rule of the British East India Company was the greatest impact on the revolt of 1857. This act had led to the introduction of the British Raj and had placed control in the hands of the British government to rule India directly through representatives.

Thus, the correct option is option ‘D’.

Note: The revolution was ultimately unsuccessful in driving the British out of the country due to a number of reasons which were that the sepoys had many leaders, and they lacked a cohesive strategy for routing the foreigners. Also, this rebellion primarily influenced northern India. The presidencies of Bengal, Bombay, and Madras were largely untouched.