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What was the result of the First Crusade?
A. The Crusades were defeated and returned home
B. The Crusaders captured and gained control of Jerusalem
C. The Crusaders got greedy and attacked Constantinople
D. The Crusaders never made it to the Holy Land

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Hint: Crusades the holy war was fought between Muslims and Christians for taking control of the ancient holy sites. The first crusade was a military campaign by western European forces that happened between 1095 to 1102.

Complete answer: During the first crusade in 1095 to 1102 the Western European forces led a military campaign to recapture Jerusalem and the holy land from Muslim control. With the appeal and approval from the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos, 60,000 soldiers and non-combatants set off on their quest after campaigns in the cities of Middle East, Nicaea and Antioch were recaptured and then finally in 1099 CE Jerusalem too.
-The second crusade that happened in 1147 to 1149 CE by the pope and European nobles to recapture the city of Edessa in Mesopotamia with an army of 60,000. Despite all these efforts the crusaders were defeated and returned home.
-The fourth crusade happened in 1198. It was an armed expedition by pope innocent III. The state intends to recapture the Muslim controlled city of Jerusalem. However, crusaders responded by sacking Constantinople and plundered and looted it. It also resulted in the killings of the Greek Orthodox Christian population
-The children's crusade that happened in 1212 was intended to make it to the holy land but the failed it. It was not sanctioned by the pope and was based on a narrative to peacefully convert Muslims in the holy land to Christianity.
Therefore, option B is correct.

Note: The crusaders in the fight with the Muslims came across several manuscripts pertaining to Greek and Roman culture which gave birth to the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe. Also because of the crusades, direct trade contacts were opened between East and West and trade began to flourish the European economy.