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Resource material for the book Vishvavallabha by chakrapani Mishra is
B.Vrihad Sanhita
C.Gatasaptha santhi
D.All of these

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Hint:In the court of Maha Ranapratap, Chakrapani Mishra was a Darbari-pandit. He was an architect and a renowned botanist of the time. Vishwavallabha, Muhurtha Malai, Rajyabhishekha paddhti, etc. were among his famous films. He focused on the production of water supplies.

Complete answer:
The works of Varahamihira influenced Chakrapani Mishra profoundly. Vrihad Sanhita of Varahmihira is the source material for the novel Vishwavallabha by Chakrapani Mishra.

A Hindu astronomer and polymath who lived in Ujjain was Varahamihira (c. 505 - c. 587), also called Varaha or Mihira (Madhya Pradesh, India). He was born in the area of Avanti, approximately matching Adityadasa with modern-day Malwa (part of Madhya Pradesh, India). He was trained at Kapurthala, according to one of his own works. He is claimed by Indian tradition to be one of the "Nine Jewels'' (Navaratnas) of the Malwa court of ruler Yashodharman Vikramaditya. This assertion, however, appears in a much later document for the first time and scholars consider this claim to be dubious because neither Varahamihira and Vikramaditya lived in the same century nor did Varahamihira live in the same century as any of the other names in the list of 'nine jewels,' such as the much older Kalidasa.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note:The publication of many definitive texts on astronomy and astrology is often attributed to Varahamihira. He studied the Greek language, and in his text he thanked the Greeks (Yavanas) for being ‘well educated in science.'