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Represent the fraction $-\dfrac{3}{4}$ on the number line.

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: We first try to find the assumed position of the fraction with respect to the two nearest integers so that the fractions lie in between those integers. Then we place its exact position depending on the numerator and denominator value between those integers.

Complete step-by-step solution:
First, we try to determine its position with respect to two consecutive integers where the fractions lie in between those integers.
The given fraction $-\dfrac{3}{4}$ is a negative fraction and the numerator is less than the denominator which means it’s a proper fraction.
The value $-\dfrac{3}{4}$ will lie in between -1 and 0. We place the point closer to the -1 point before pinpointing its exact position. The point A is its assumed position
seo images

Now we break the distance between -1 and 0 into 4 parts and take the third one from the right side. The denominator decides the number of parts in which the distance should be broken and the numerator decides the exact part where the point resides. We try to magnify the distance in between -1 and 0.
seo images

This is the representation of $-\dfrac{3}{4}$ on the number line.

Note: We need to remember that the number of parts in between those integers for a fraction representation is exactly equal to the denominator value of the fraction but the number of dividers is always one less than the denominator value.