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Ravi walks $6km$ in an hour while Rohan walks $4km$ in an hour. What is the ratio of the distance covered by Ravi to the distance covered by Rohan?

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Hint: - Here, for finding the ratio we divide distance covered by Ravi to distance covered by Rohan.

A ratio says how much of one thing there is compared to another thing.
Distance covered by Ravi in $1hr = 6km$
Distance covered by Rohan in $1hr = 4km$
$\therefore $ Ratio of the distance covered by Ravi in $1hr$ to distance covered by Rohan in $1hr$
$ = \dfrac{{6km}}{{4km}} = \dfrac{3}{2} = 3:2$

Note:- Whenever such types of questions are given for finding ratio we have to always keep in mind that we should take care of which one will be written in numerator or which one will be written in denominator. Always write the value in the numerator which is written before “to” in the question. Here, Ravi to Rohan.
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