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Rate of change of displacement is called –
A. Speed
B. Acceleration
C. Velocity
D. Retardation

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Hint: Velocity is the principal subsidiary of position concerning time. You can figure velocity by utilizing a straightforward recipe that incorporates rate, separation, and time.

Complete answer:
The correct answer is C.

Velocity is characterized as a vector estimation of the rate and movement. Velocity is the speed at which something moves a single way. The speed of a vehicle voyaging north on a significant expressway and the speed a rocket propelling into space can both be estimated utilizing velocity.
As you would have speculated, the scalar (supreme worth) extent of the velocity vector is the speed of movement.

'Velocity' is a vector as it adheres to the given guideline and it is characterized as speed in a specific characterized heading. Presently velocity is characterized as displacement isolated by time.

If the displacement is zero, at that point, the velocity is additionally zero. Additionally, if the displacement is negative, at that point, the velocity is likewise negative. We likewise have normal velocity and quick velocity. Normally velocity is characterized as the pace of progress of imperceptibly little displacement.

The best guide to differentiate among velocity and momentary velocity is by means of Uniform Circular Motion. In a uniform circular motion, the body moves in a circular way with uniform speed.

Since the body moves all around, at that point, it must have a heading to its speed at each purpose of the circle, which will be the digression to that point. Consequently, the body has a velocity too.

Note: Presently after one round the displacement is zero (as the body compasses to a similar point again) thus the velocity is Zero. In any case, at each moment displacement is non zero henceforth the prompt velocity is non zero.

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