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Rashmi types 510 words in half an hour. How many words would she type in 10 minutes?

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: Take half an hour as 30 minutes. As it is given that Rashmi types 510 words in half an hour, find how many words she can type in just 1 minute by dividing the total words with 30. Again find how many words can she type in 10 minutes by multiplying that number of words in 1 minute with 10. From there the required solution can be obtained.

Complete step by step solution:
As we know 1 hour $=$ 60 minutes
So, half an hour $=\dfrac{60}{2}=30$minutes
Given, in 30 minutes Rashmi types $=$ 510 words
To find how many words she can type in 1 minute, we have to divide the total words by 30.
So, in 1 minute she would type $=\dfrac{510}{30}=17$ words
Again, for finding how many words she can type in 10 minutes, we have to multiply the number of words by 10.
So, in 10 minutes she would type $=17\times 10=170$ words
This is the required solution of the given question.

Here ‘minute’ should be taken as reference and not ‘hour’ as the question asked in minutes. So converting half an hour to minutes should be the first approach for solving this question. Always we should find for 1 minute first. So for how many minutes it has asked, we just have to multiply and get the result.