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Where is the Railway Staff College situated?
(A) Ahmedabad
(B) Vadodara
(C) Chandausi
(D) Varanasi

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: The National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR), previously known as the 'Railway Staff College', is a centralized training centre for the courses of Medicine, Civil Service and Engineering provided to those who belong to the Indian Railway Medical Services, Personnel Service and Stores Service. This was under the leadership of a Director-General and staffed by an experienced Rail faculty.

Complete answer:
The National Academy of Indian Railways is a place of origin where the Indian Railways officers received training. It is located on the Pratap Vilas Palace's 55-acre campus in Lalbaug, Vadodara. It trains Indian Railway officers at all ranks ranging from probation officers to Managers. The academy was relocated to Vadodara in 1952 but it was initially placed at Premnagar in Dehradun in 1930 when it was originally found.

It is located in the Pratap Vilas Palace, which was constructed in 1914 AD and has extensively cultivated green lawns. It was designed by C.F. Stevens in renaissance costume. The house, which includes 55 acres of garden and wooded land, is ever nourished with the sound of peacocks and migrating birds. This was a place that was initially purchased from the former rulers of Vadodara.

Let us take a look at each option once:
Option (A) Ahmedabad is an incorrect option. Ahmedabad is located in Gujarat and the Railway Staff College is also situated here. But the college was relocated to Lalbaug which not in Ahmedabad, so this option can be rejected.
Option (B) Vadodara is the correct option. Since the Railway College is placed in the state of Gujarat in the city of Lalbaug, it is clear that Vadodara is fitting the description. Also after the original founding of this college in Dehradun, it is said to have been relocated to Vadodara.
Option (C) Chandausi is an incorrect option. This is incorrect because Chandausi is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, but this railway college is situated in the state of Gujarat. So this option can be rejected directly.
Option (D) Varanasi is an incorrect option. Varanasi is located in the state of Gujarat and since the Railway Staff College is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh we can directly reject this option.

Therefore the correct answer is option (B) Vadodara.

Note: Indian Railways is a vital component of the country's transportation system. The Indian Railways have approximately 1.5 million competent, hardworking, and highly trained employees with immense ability to succeed in virtually all technical fields, including on a global scale.