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Plants which are very small and have soft stems, such as grasses, are called as
A) Climbers
B) Lianas
C) Offset
D) Herbs

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Hint:Plants are photosynthetic, multicellular organisms that belong to Kingdom Plantae. Plants undergo sexual as well as asexual reproduction to produce offspring. A plant consists of several parts such as- stem, root, leaf, flowers and fruits.

Complete answer:
The stem of the plant is one of the most important parts as it supports leaves, flowers and fruits, transport water along with dissolved substances through the xylem and phloem, regenerates new tissues following a cut or injury and also helps in the storage of nutrients. The stem of a plant is divided into nodes and internodes which have their respective functions. The stem is majorly made up of three tissues- dermal tissue, ground tissue and vascular tissue. The vascular tissue is sometimes involved in photosynthesis. The ground tissue provides structural and mechanical support. The dermal tissue functions as a waterproof and also controls the exchange of gases. Stems can be of two types- soft and hard. The soft stems have less strength and are short whereas the hard stems have more strength and are taller than soft stems. Soft stems are possessed mainly by herbaceous plants.

Hence, the correct answer is Option (D) Herbs

Note:Herbs find usage in various food preparations, like garnishing and flavoring, it is also used for medicinal purposes and for fragrances.Green plants carry out photosynthesis by obtaining energy from sunlight in specialized organs known as chloroplasts.